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Experience Matters

We've been fixing suspension systems for over 100 years and have the satisfied customers to prove it. No matter what size vehicle you have, our extensive firsthand knowledge to analyze and repair your problem and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We offer all types of repair services and have the equipment in-house to fix your suspension right. When you need suspension repair, trust Babcock.

100 Years of Experience

When your car, truck or trailers demands improvement or has a suspension failure, you need Babcock's 100 years of experience.

Mack & Hendrickson Specialists

Babcock specializes in Mack and Hendrickson suspension system repairs.  From basic repairs to the most complicated suspension system repairs, our expert technicians have seen it all and know exactly what you need to get back up and running.

We Repair Almost Anything:

Passenger Cars
Light Duty Pickups & Vans
Heavy Duty Work Trucks
Vintage Cars & Trucks
Single Axle Plow/Salt Trucks
Tandem Axle Trucks
Cement Mixers
Tractor Trucks
Fire Trucks
Garbage Trucks
Dump Trucks



    Expert Suspensions Services Include:

    • Fleet Service

    • Beam Rebushing

    • Trunnion Stand & Shaft Replacement

    • Torque Arm Rebushing

    • Front End Alignment

    • King Pin Replacement

    • Axle & Spindle Sleeving

    • Brakes

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